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SGM 2022 - Our standards of behaviour for a safe hui
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SGM 2022 - Our standards of behaviour for a safe hui

by Waipapa Marae Trust

The Trust has opened the marae between two construction stages for our SGM to hear the concerns of marae beneficiaries in a safe and respectful environment.

Our Marae Charter also authorizes the Trust to formally discharge their obligations and responsibilities at the SGM.

Standards of Behaviour for an SGM and AGM at Waipapa

  1. Treat each other with equal regard, dignity, concern, decency, and respect.
  2. Always behave in a courteous and respectful manner.
  3. Do not act in a manner that undermines the mana and reputation of our marae
  4. Do not use disrespectful speech or offensive or malicious language in person during the meeting or virtually online over the internet & social media.
  5. Do not engage in unacceptable behaviours during the meeting.  Unacceptable behaviours include:
  1. Threats of or actual violence
  2. Offensive, humiliating, ridiculing or belittling comments
  3. Derogatory jokes
  4. Offensive body language
  5. Insults
  6. Bullying
  7. Persistent public criticism

 Meeting Rules for an SGM and AGM

  1. The Marae Trust Chair (or their delegate) will lead and conduct an SGM and AGM 


  1. Beneficiaries who wish to speak about a topic or notice of motion will be given no more than 5 minutes to state their case or make their point.   During their korero, all other members present will neither interject nor interrupt the speaker.


  1. The Chair may ask a beneficiary to stop speaking and to take their seat if any of these rules are breached.   If the beneficiary refuses to sit, then the Chair may ask that person to leave the meeting. 


  1. The Chairperson may if s/he believes, on reasonable grounds, that the behaviour of any member of the public who attends a Marae meeting is likely to prejudice the orderly conduct of that meeting were that person or persons to remain, require that person or persons to leave the meeting. 


  1. The Chair may ask any Marae beneficiary for assistance to remove people from any Marae meeting.


  1. The Marae Secretary will record the meeting proceedings and must publish the minutes within 28 days of the meeting date.  The minutes will be made available for download via the Marae Website (


Virtual Attendance Via Zoom


A Zoom Video Conference Link will be made available for whaanau who are unable to attend the meeting in person on the day and can be requested from Waipapa Marae Trust Secretary at  Please note that all Zoom-enabled meetings are recorded and by attending virtually you give your approval for your interactions and chat comments to be recorded and retained for archival record purposes.  The marae is unable to offer virtual attendees the ability to vote on notices of motion due to technical capability limitations.  Virtual attendees must accept that the quality of the Waipapa Marae Zoom capability is highly variable for reasons beyond the control of the Marae Trust.

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