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Waipapa marae installed with security cameras and WiFi

Waipapa marae installed with security cameras and WiFi

We have WiFi!

SPARK has installed 3 security cameras and 3 WiFi boosters at Waipapa Marae that are now up and running. 

3 security cameras have been placed  around Te Maru o Hikairo:

1, One camera on the seaward side of the wharekai to secure the side of the wharekai facing the Kāwhia harbour

Waipapa Marae Security Camera Seaward Side

2, One camera at the back entrance to the kitchen to secure the shipping containers

3, One camera on the marae side of the of the wharekai to secure the marae and entrances to Nga Taiwhakarongorua and Taku Hiahia

4, The trustees have requested a 4th security camera from SPARK to be installed on the roadsde of Taku Hiahia to secure the entrance to Waipapa marae and the carpark behind Ngā Taiwhakarongorua

The security cameras will provide Waipapa with a greater degree of safety on the marae as well as 24-hour security, 7 days a week when the marae isn’t in use.  All vision is recorded and stored in the Cloud for a specific period of time and deleted. 

What does this mean?

This means we now have security cameras operating at Waipapa Marae for:

  1. Crime prevention
  2. Alcohol and drug prevention
  3. Standard Security 
  4. Health and safety
  5. Traffic management

Once the fire alarms and water sprinklers are installed, no vehicles will be allowed to park around the wharekai for health and safety reasons unless you're a tradie working on the wharekai and you need equipment from your van.  If you're dropping off kai and equipment please unload and move your vehicle to the carpark.  Fire safety vehicles require free access and exit around the back of the wharekai in the event of a fire.

The Marae trustees support and encourage all existing avenues of communication with beneficiaries.  The information about privacy and security cameras is published on the Waipapa Marae website. Beneficiaries, please take time to read it because these security cameras are now operating at Waipapa marae 24/7.

Also, a friendly reminder, the Marae Website and Facebook page are now the legal avenue of communication for beneficiaries.  We encourage you to make yourselves familiar with the tikanga associated with our social media outlets and the website. This includes our Communication Policy and our Code of Conduct on the marae, social media sites and the Waipapa marae website.  In light of the legal implications of the policy as well as the reputation of the marae, all content and correspondence will be administered and monitored by the trustees.  

3 WiFi boosters have been placed in and around Te Maru o Hikairo for your benefit:

  1. One WiFi booster inside the wharekai to boost WiFi in the dining room
  2. One WiFi booster aimed at Ngā Taiwhakarongorua to boost WiFi in the wharenui
  3. One WiFi booster aimed at Taku Hiahia to boost WiFi in the wharenui

A WiFi link for visitors is set up as free access for everyone who visits Waipapa marae and the visitors WiFi link will be published in the wharekai once the marae opens.

Please note free WiFi access is only available in the buildings and on the marae.

A 63 inch mobile computer screen raised on a mobile trolley for ease of movement between the wharenui and wharekai has also been installed for hui.

If you have a ZOOM account, this package includes video conferencing for ZUI.  We have also had Netflix installed on the remote.  To this end, the connectivity package and all WiFi information will be managed by trustees for all hui until the trust appoints a marae manager.  So in the event, you’re using the marae for a hui when it re-opens and you need access to the 63 inch computer screen ensure you have a trustee present for the duration of your hui.

He mihi tēnei ki te kāwanatanga, nā rātou i whakarite tēnei hangarau hei āwhina i ō tātou marae.  Kua uru atu ēnei hangarau ki “Ngā Marae o Kāwhia Moana, ki ō tātou marae e karapoti ana i:

Kāwhia moana

Kāwhia kai

Kāwhia tangata



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