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Tāhuhu panel, a potential hazard delays the completion of the rebuild

Tāhuhu panel, a potential hazard delays the completion of the rebuild

by Waipapa Marae Trust

Our builders have discovered the framing of the existing Tāhuhu ridge pole in Taku Hiahia was a potential hazard in particular the ridge/spine decorative MDF panels fixed to the underside of the apex at the ceiling of the wharenui (pic above).  The existing sub-standard timber framing was a safety hazard with small framing members and small nails (pic below) used to fix it to the main structural roof elements. Consequently, the timber framing had to be removed.

Project manager and architect, Richard Mauriohooho says there will now be a delay in completing the replacement Tāhuhu panelling because the job requires input from a structural engineer. 

“There will also be a potential delay with on-site welding that would seem likely, given the limited framing and structure at the apex of the roof in Taku Hiahia and this all means extra time and money to fix the potential hazard. 

The existing framing was not safe so the additional structure will be required to support the Tāhuhu framing, to support the painted decorative MDF panels.  This means the structural engineer will have to design additional steel droppers welded to the underside of existing steel portal frames,” Richard confirmed.

He says installing the steel supports/droppers is the safest method to provide adequate supporting structure to carry the heavy MDF decorative Tāhuhu painted panels.  Richard says, there’s limited scope to nail fix any framing into existing timber purlins, that are already at capacity for the roof loads.

Progress to date.

  1. The Septic Tanks have been buried in the car parking area covered with  existing stone chip

The Septic Tanks have also been installed adjacent to the existing water tanks.

The existing Water Tanks have been relocated and new stormwater pipes connecting the tanks have been installed.  The drain layer has installed a gravel/pebble substrate to help mitigate the water tanks popping out of the ground.

Skylights installed, plumbing installed, battens installed ready for wall lining in the ablutions, the timber strapping to walls has been installed in preparation for new waterproof wall lining.

  1. The Wastewater Treatment System has been installed.
  2. The ceiling linings have been plastered and are ready for painting in the next week.
  3. The floor preparation is being undertaken today, with the resin flooring topcoats to be installed by the end of the week.  
  4. The sprinkler pipes and sprinkler heads have been installed at the ablutions, at Taku Hiahia wharenui and at the mahau area
  5.  All of the site services have been installed within the main trench at the driveway, and most of the other services are installed underground.

Progress over the next two weeks

1. The resin flooring to be completed by the end of this week. 

2.  The ceiling to be painted earlier next week. 

3.  The Ponga cladding to be installed.

4    Installation of the interior linings to commence next week. 

5.   The plumbing and drainage to be completed over the next week.

Finally, the sprinkler pipes and sprinkler heads have been installed on-site and the transformer has been upgraded.  Waipā Networks have completed the installation of the new electrical transformer at the power pole to the front of the marae.

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